Wave Cabinet : Storage with a Twist

New York designer Sebastian Errazuriz has added a new interactive and fluid furniture piece to his collection with the Wave Cabinet. Much like his Samurai Cabinet – a tall, dark display case that was inspired by the aesthetic motion of samurai warriors – this newest piece can open and close in countless fun, simple, and beautiful ways. It’s a curious piece that you can’t help but want to play with. The top panel and the long side panels undulate and shift with a pull and a touch, making the Wave Cabinet more than just a piece of furniture – it’s a piece of modern art. wave-cabinet-01 The bottom and the two smaller sides of the rectangular piece are solid, with four steel feet attached at the bottom. The Wave Cabinet is made of lacquered wood and designed without traditional doors, but is rather made up of a series of slim, individual slats on hinges. Each slat of this piece is attached to the slats beside it, causing a ripple when a single slat is moved, like an opening fan. The absence of a door means that to get inside, you need to simply tug on a slat to create an opening as large or small as you’d like. wave-cabinet-02 Errazuriz has transformed this traditionally strong, solid and protective piece of furniture into a playful, light and fluid piece of art. The question isn’t whether or not this is a great piece of furniture, but what would you keep inside? wave-cabinet-03

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