Waterpebble: Conserve Water In The Shower

Paul Priestman, the director of design company Priestmangoode designed Waterpebble, a little water saving device that helps you conserve water without the hassle of timing yourself in the shower. This eco friendly water activated shower timer enables you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Water-pebble-conserve-water-in-the-shower-02 Waterpebble memorizes how long you took for your first shower by automatically monitoring water flow down the plughole. It uses that as a benchmark for subsequent showers. It then sets about gradually minimizing your shower time, helping you save water without thinking about it. Water-pebble-conserve-water-in-the-shower-01 A series of soft flashing “traffic lights” indicate how much time you are spending compared to the benchmark. It flashes green at the start, when you’re using an acceptable amount of water, amber when you’re halfway through, then when it flashes red your time is up encouraging you to save water, energy and money. Water-pebble-conserve-water-in-the-shower-04 Place the device in the shower near the plughole and keep an eye on the colors. The Waterpebble senses the water flowing around it, so there is no need to switch it on and off. Waterpebble helps to change peoples water consumption habits gradually. The device can be reset at any time. The battery should last around four-six months and can easily be replaced.

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