Watercolorbot: Paint-By-Robot

Combining computer-automated, numerically controlled (CNC) technology with the simplicity and youth of watercolor painting, is an unexpected combination, and all the more fun for it. The Watercolorbot is a painting robot that can recreate digital artwork or mimic an artist’s brushstrokes to make a second, almost-identical copy of the original. Take a digital painting from your tablet, and watch it being created in real life!   Watercolorbot-03 The Watercolorbot is a successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign that is now available in a new 2.0 version. The brainchild of the (then) 12-year-old Sylvia Todd, the idea was to make an art robot for the RoboGames competition. She contacted the engineers at Evil Mad Scientists Laboratories to create the prototype. Although Sylvia didn’t take the first place at the RoboGames, she did win silver, and eventually crowdfunded her project to put it into production.   Watercolorbot-05 The robot makes watercolor paintings from digital artwork or mimics a real-time sketch. The Watercolorbot dips a brush in water, then into the paint, before replicating your image on a blank sheet of paper. The device just needs a computer with an internet connection and a USB port to get the software and instructions. There are two motors to move the brush along the x and y axis, and the sturdy wooden frame holds everything in place.   Watercolorbot-02 The Watercolorbot doesn’t need any fancy materials to operate. It uses standard watercolor paints and regular printer paper. The robot is created and assembled in America, and comes packaged with paint, paper, and a brush. The new 2.0 version comes pre-assembled and tested, so that it’s ready to use right out of the box.   Watercolorbot-04 The Watercolorbot is a neat device that is fun to watch. It brings children’s artwork to life in a new way, and introduces the idea of robotics to kids in a tangible and exciting way.   Video:

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