SCUBAJET: Versatile Water Sports Jet-Engine

If you enjoy qualities that come with water sports such as exercise, scenery, being in the water etc., then you can add another enjoyable feature given by the SCUBAJET. The SCUBAJET weighs only 6.6 pounds, and is designed to attach to a buoyancy compensator. It shows that it is adjustable for different buoyancy compensators. You do not need to purchase an extra attachment as the SCUBAJET can attach to a variety of water sport utilities without issue. If one day you want to kayak and another day paddleboard, you can attach the SCUBAJET to experience the feature of water gliding on either utility without the fuss of another purchase. The SCUBAJET is fully equipped with adapters made to attach to kayaks, paddleboards, or dinghys. These adapters support at least 20 different manufacturers of water sports utilities around the world. scubajet The SCUBAJET is a motorized engine that is designed to push any water sports utility in the water. It has wireless control and has up to 8 hours of battery life. Furthermore, with a purchase now on Kickstarter there will be a dive adapter and extra battery packs included. It travels at a speed of 16 km/h. It’s made out of high quality material that is corrosion-free, and it is salt resistant too. There’s also an automatic shut-off. scubajet-1 If you’re scuba diving, it is probably a different experience with its lightness. The SCUBAJET mounds to scuba gear at 2 different points. Once mounted, you can hold onto it while you travel underwater. It has been noted to be an impressive means of propulsion underwater in general, and for seasoned scuba divers its proves to be efficient and unique compared to other scuba diving devices used for that underwater push. scubajet-3 An opportunity to enjoy water sports with this feature of gliding is one to try, especially if you frequent the water.

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