Water Map: Hand Wash Basin

Water Map is a beautiful basin that uses topographic map designed as a water sink station. It is a wooden, three-dimensional, designer bathroom sink where the water flows through a maze of carved ducts. Water-Map-Hand-Wash-Basin-01 Although they may appear haphazard, these ducts are not just random channels created by the designer Julia Kononenko. The spacing and ducts are indeed part of a thoughtful process and design. Water-Map-Hand-Wash-Basin-02 This striking arrangement represents the river channels and the streets of the central part of London, England. The designer chose a London map as a tribute to the Industrial Revolution which started in London, way back in the 18th century. Water-Map-Hand-Wash-Basin-03 According to Kononenko, the outlines and water maps of different cities can easily be customized and shaped according to the user’s desire. This work of hers won an award from Villeroy & Boch in the “Vodoparad 2012” competition. Water-Map-Hand-Wash-Basin-04 Made using eco friendly material, the piece is a simple plywood and veneer product. The design reflects and communicates her utmost and complete belief in natural resources, green environment, conservation and social sustainability in design and manufacturing. She also believes in sustainable ideas and meaningful goals.

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