WAT Lamp: Water Powered Lamp

Whether you’re on a camping trip in the middle of a forest or looking for ways to save on your energy bill, the WAT Lamp is there to help light your way. The WAT Lamp, created by innovative French designer Manon Leblanc, is the perfect lamp to have when electrical outlets are few and the sun is quickly setting. It is also an elegant decorative to have if one is simply wishing for an ecologically-friendly way to conserve power yet provide a warm light to any home decor. How? It’s a water powered lamp. wat-lamp-water-powered-lamp-02 Using a hydro-electric battery located in the top bioplastic case, water is used to light up the lamp where simple H2O reacts with the carbon stick battery that is covered with magnesium powder. The chemical reaction between the water, carbon, and magnesium produces a warm light glow that lights up the LED strips in the sanded blown glass base which adds ambiance to any room. Not only can this water powered lamp be used within a household, but it is especially handy to have on the family camping trip. Just take a trip down to the lake and pour light into your lamp. Flashlights with disposable batteries or electric-friendly camp sites will be a thing of the past with Leblanc’s WAT lamp. wat-lamp-water-powered-lamp-04

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