Wash Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple food in many eastern cultures and many designers are trying to figure out how to create the easiest experience while making rice for the everyday consumer. The Wash Rice Cooker, designed by Seung Ho Choi, is a rice steamer with an electric dispenser. wash-rice-cooker-001 Instead of the traditional “ballpark” method, where users ration both rice and water based on their sense, the Wash Rice Cooker is regulated with its amounts of both water and rice, so that perfect quality rice is delivered to the user. wash-rice-cooker-002 The Wash Rice Cooker has a container on top in which the user can put in up to 12 kg of rice. There is also a water tank that is located at the back of the device which is used to control the washing of the rice and the water levels. wash-rice-cooker-003 When the two ingredients are entered into the Wash Rice Cooker, a button must be pressed for both items to come together in proportion to cook it. Within three minutes, the finished rice is ready after pressure is applied on the small container. wash-rice-cooker-004

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