Wasara Tableware: Elegant & Disposable

Wasara tableware is a beautiful, elegant and disposable collection designed by Shinichiro Ogata, an award-winning designer based in Tokyo, Japan. Wasara is an absolute green, modern and single-use product. Wasara-Tableware-01 Made from tree-free renewable material, this chain is 100% eco friendly. The fabulous, modern, and remarkable design truly takes the commonly used disposable cups and plates to a whole new level. The creation is as unique as can be, elegant in design and sturdy to use. It also has user-friendly features. Wasara-Tableware-002 Totally biodegradable (ASTM D-6400 certified) and compostable, these utensils are made from agricultural waste byproducts such as bagasse (sugar cane fiber), bamboo, and reed pulp. The series is microwaveable, and can be refrigerated. They are good for plating pre-frozen food products such as ice cream or frozen yogurt. Wasara-Tableware-003 The design, usage, texture, and quality surely sets this product line high and apart from the rest in the market. Aesthetically beautiful, easy and comfortable to carry, sturdy, high quality, and eco-friendly, – this series is perfect for bulk and party use. Wasara-Tableware-04

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