Walnut: Bicycle Frame Handle

This small strip of leather is a convenient handle used to carry your bicycle easily whenever you need to dismount in busy streets or rough terrain. Made by Walnut Studiolo, whose brand image is “bespoke leather designs” harkens back to a bygone era of a world with finely-crafted things. But the idea of having this type of carrier is purely of this century, as Walnut Studiolo is a forward-thinking company pushing innovative ideas into motion. Combining a love of tradition and bicycles, Geoffrey Franklin puts his degree from University of Oregon Architecture School to use. walnut-bicycle-frame-handle-02 Walnut Studiolo abides by the philosophy that their products should be durable, unique and functional. The Little Lifter is just that. It’s a minimalist handle that doesn’t get in the way and makes your trips with your bike easier. The strip of leather has two belts, one on either side to attach to the frame of the bike down near the crux of the gears. This has the effect of lowering your center of gravity and making the bike easier to lift with a lighter feel and better grip for control. walnut-bicycle-frame-handle-03 The Little Lifter handle is vegetable-tanned leather available in natural, honey, dark brown, and black to match your bike and accessories. The frame handle is 7.5 inches, but the belts at the end come in two sizes, “regular” measuring in at 3.15 – 5.75 inches and “large” with a circumference of 3.75 – 8.25 inches for mountain bikes. Also provided at an additional charge is the ability to customize your handle with a monogram, it’s a touch of personal class that shows appreciation for hand-crafted goods in a world with so few left. walnut-bicycle-frame-handle-04

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