Wall Ride Skateboard Shelf

Do you find yourself constantly tripping over your skateboard? Or do you have a hard time storing it in your apartment? Design duo Zanocchi & Starke had you in mind when creating the Wall Ride, a sleek storage shelf for skaters suitable for any living space. wall-ride-03 The Wall Ride comes with a rack that should fit any skateboard, and is designed to keep your board’s dirty wheels away from your clean walls while displaying the art work that is often missed on the underside of the board. The Wall Ride ensures your skateboard or longboard is tucked neatly out of harm’s way, yet easy to grab for your next ride. wall-ride-05 The Wall Ride does more than simply house your board. It has three hooks ideal for sweatshirts, jackets, headphones, or any other item you might need to hang up safely. It also comes with two additional shelf spaces for books, wallets, keys, or any other knick-knack that needs a home. wall-ride-01 This shelving unit, designed to be multi-functional, can even be used as a bottle opener. wall-ride-06 The Wall Ride comes in a number of finishes to suit your personality and will make a modern, space-saving addition to any room in your home. wall-ride-01

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