Walden: Bed LIGHT

The Austrian manufacturers of the Walden Furniture Collection have designed yet another sophisticated and stylish home piece in the form of the Walden Bed LIGHT.Abdruck unter Angabe des Fotocredits. Die Verwendung für Verkaufswaren laut Vereinbarung. Die Werbung für Dritte ist honorarpflichtig und bedarf der vorherigen ausdrücklichen Zustimmung von michael liebert photography. This bed is where simplicity meets elegance. The wooden piece was designed to look as if it floats in any room due to the reduced surfaces combined with the design of the headboard and the legs. Walden-2 The LIGHT un-clutters and un-complicates your bedroom space, providing you with a lighter feeling of comfort and elegance. The design of the bed showcases simple lines and neat corners. These lines of design help to tame the natural characteristics of the wood, especially on the headboard of the bed. Walden-3 The legs of the bed are uniquely slanted, which fits with the trademark of other furniture pieces designed by Walden. The headboard consists of parallel boards of wood which adds a sophisticated and smooth touch. The delicate construction of the bed pays close attention to keeping the design simple. The design is aimed to make the bed look smooth and light. Walden-4 The Walden furniture collection offers different versions of the Walden bed, but the LIGHT version of the bed has the most elegant and minimal design. The LIGHT bed is most pristine due to the clean standard design using only materials from nature and bringing that into our homes. Walden-5 The Walden LIGHT is made using natural wood and it is manufactured in either Walnut or Oak. The pure and natural form of the wooden bed makes it appealing and attractive and it also helps you to appreciate the blending of nature with your home. Walden-6 For more information on the Walden LIGHT, check out their feature on Red Dot, where they are one of the 2016 recipients of the Red Dot design award.

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