Wakufuru: Sound Absorption Furniture

Did you really think that furniture had merely one purpose? It’s 2017! Welcome to the world! And welcome to sound absorption furniture (yes, you read that right). Swedish designer Johan Kauppi has managed to beautifully merge minimalist Scandinavian design with the practicality that is sound absorption, creating Wakufuru. The collection of furniture is made up of tables and benches that can be combined in any which way. Made of solid wood and covered with medium-density fibreboard, Wakufuru does not hold back in terms of quality. The secret to the sound absorption is not the wood, however, but the hidden layers on the underside of each bench or table. The collection was produced by Glimakra of Sweden. These layers are made up of felt, perforated board, foam, and an air gap to ensure a quieter room, indeed.   The collection was first unveiled at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, from February 7th to February 11th, 2017. In an interview with the designer, Kauppi revealed his inspiration as lying in nature. He noted that, “[Wood] as a material, always contributes with a natural warmth in interiors. I wanted to find out if solid wood furniture could also reflect some of the sound atmosphere that is experienced in forests.” The collection also features benches with a plush covering, adding a touch of warmth. The entire family (above) is quite extensive, offering many combinations of configuration. Regardless of how Kauppi’s designs are displayed, he has reinforced that decor can be both understated and compelling.

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