Volvo: Life Paint

Road safety at night for cyclists has and will always be a concern.  With ill lit streets and unmindful drivers, biking in the dark is certainly a risk.  Volvo Cars has extended its focus beyond four-wheel vehicles to include two-wheelers.  To improve cyclists’ safety on the road at night, Volvo has developed Life Paint, a highly reflective spray paint. life_paint_01 A vast majority of cycling accidents have less to do with the cyclists’ actions and more to do with others’ inability to see them clearly in the dark.  With Life Paint, bikers can spray anything that they wish–the product adheres best to materials such as clothing fabric–and become instantly more visible. The paint is completely invisible during the day. life_paint_03 Come night time, it shines bright under the light of car headlights. life_paint_04 Volvo has also ensured that the spray is incredibly easy to use.  Just like any other spray paint, give the can a vigorous shake, hold the nozzle about a foot away from its target, and spray away.  Naturally, the more times you go over an area with the paint, the more reflective it will be. life_paint_05 On average, Life Paint lasts over a week, mind you this depends on the weather conditions and such that you put it through.  Even so, you can always reapply.  Should you wish to remove the reflective coating from the material, it can easily be washed off with soap.  While Life Paint is intended for cycling safety, it certainly isn’t limited to that.  Volvo encourages people to use the paint on items like pet leashes, running-wear, and backpacks. Life Paint is a creative yet simple solution to ensuring that cycling at night isn’t something to be feared, but embraced.  

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