VoltaSol: Rolling Flower Pots

Putting a new spin on the flowerpot, the VoltaSol is an innovative planter that leans and sways with the elements. An innovative pot design from the BAG Design Studio, the VoltaSol introduces movement to a traditionally static decoration. Not only does the unique base give the pot freedom of movement, it is also great for the plants housed inside – the rocking motion of the pot stimulates growth by maximizing the amount of sunlight for the plants within.   Voltasol-01 These swaying pots are made from terracotta, and feature brightly-painted bottoms. The base of the planter has a conical point, much like a spinning top, which keeps the pot off-centre and free to move. A gentle breeze can rock this rolling flower pot, and a small push from a user can rotate the entire planter.   Voltasol-04 The VoltaSol is available online with 5 different coloured bottoms: pink, yellow, white, natural terracotta, and copper, and in two different sizes. The smaller pot has an 18cm diameter base and is 19cm tall. The large has a 28cm diameter base and is 29cm tall.   Voltasol-02 The VoltaSol a great re-design on a garden staple, and great for your plants’ health. These pots are unique and interactive, functional and pretty, fun and cool – a perfect addition to your spring décor.   Voltasol-05 Video:

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