Voltaic: The Smart Solar Backpack

The Voltaic Solar Backpack is an interesting and thoughtful product design made with water-resistant breathable shell. It charges all your handheld devices using solar energy and storing the same for later optimal utilisation. voltaic-backpack-01 Featuring unique shell made of recycled PET soda bottles, its clever mesh allows complete air circulation. These bags are eco-friendly, light, easy to manage and manoeuvre; the perfect companion for the outdoor and overnight stays. voltaic-backpack-02 Comprising stiff solar panels, the Voltaic charges depending upon the position and availability of sunlight. You can easily charge all your handheld electronics; your mobile phones, MP3 players and digital cameras on the go. voltaic-backpack-006 From the high-density waist strap to roomy inside capacity, the pack is multi-tasking, easy to organize and has a sleeve to carry 17-inch laptop. Besides it also features battery pack that includes 11 adapters, DC car charger, AC travel charger, and lithium-ion battery. Sleek and minimalist in look, this is a backpack which is innovative, multi functional and suitable for outdoor activities. Voltaic-backpack-005 With 3.5 Watts of mono-crystalline solar power, the backpack will quickly charge all your handheld electronic gadgets and you can keep connected with the world even in the wilderness. This Converter Solar bag is a streamlined design product suitable for commuting, hikes and short outdoor trips. Voltaic-backpack-004

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