Vocca Light: Make Any Bulb Voice-Activated

Generally speaking, as the generation of instant gratification, even the simplest of tasks can seem unnecessarily laborious to us.  Take having to turn on or off the light, for example.  In most cases, you would have to get up or cross the room, perhaps even both, all to flick a simple switch.  With a solution fitting of today’s “smart” movement, self-professed geek Ori Indursky of Israel and his innovative team created Vocca, a smart light device that makes any ordinary light bulb voice-activated. vocca_light_02 There is no need to purchase special bulbs, all you need is Vocca.  Simply screw an ordinary light bulb into the adapter, which then goes into your standard light fixture.  Having said that, Vocca does not support incandescent light bulbs due to the heat that they generate.  Accordingly, only fluorescent and LED alternatives will work, mind you this switch will certainly save you energy and help the environment if you have yet to make it. vocca_light_03 So how exactly does it work?  Equipped with the latest voice recognition technology from Sensory Inc., Vocca is prompted by a trigger phrase which signals the adapter’s relay to transfer power from the energy source to the bulb. For the basic model, simply say “go Vocca light” to activate or deactivate the bulb.  The device’s sensors will pick up the trigger phrase from a distance of up to 30 feet depending on the level of background noise.  However, Vocca’s optimal distance is anything less than 15 feet. vocca_light_05 Now, if you’re looking for something a little more advanced, the Vocca Pro includes several additional features.  Firstly, it offers the chance to customize your activation phrase with the Vocca app, handling up to 5 different triggers.  So if you’ve ever dreamed of controlling the light with the words “lumos” or “nox”, here’s your chance.  Furthermore, the Vocca Pro can pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth technology to allow remote control of the light source. Added to that, if you’re one for automation, Vocca Pro allows you to schedule on and off times for your bulb; this way you can set a wake-up light, or ensure energy-saving darkness when no one’s around. vocca_light_06 So for those of you who may be experiencing mobility difficulties, who always seem to need a third hand, or who are just shamelessly lazy, check out Vocca!

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