ViviStand: Sit or Stand Desks

How many features can a desk really have? According to ViviStand, more than you think. Regarded as the desk of the next generation its qualities are tailored to the active individual who is equally as interested in remaining tech savvy. Vivi-02 Though it may appear ordinary, it is far from it. This desk’s most impressive feature is its ability to move up and down electronically at your own comfort. You can either pull up a chair and work as usual, or you can raise the desk to standing level. Vivi-07 If you prefer to use it more as a lounge desk you can so by sitting on it, and raising it to elevate your feet off the floor. It can withstand heavyweight (150kg), has a strong electrical connection, its dimensions measure in at 27.5 by 47.2, and most importantly, it is designed to last with a 10-year warranty on all components. Vivi-03 The wooden bamboo desktop colours range from; black, white, clear oak, clear walnut, and dark walnut. The frame is available in white, silver, or black and you also have the possibility of adding on extra bag hooks. Essentially, ViviStand can be made to custom detail ensuring you get the best version of this multi-functional product. Vivi-05 Here’s what really sets ViviStand apart–its technological features. The Vivilink system is composed of motion sensors to know when to lower the desk, turn the lights on as you approach, and will even memorize two set-up positions. There is also a power strip with numerous outlets which stays out of sight through hidden magnetic cable clippers. The desk has hook features to hang up your bag, coat, umbrella, and etc. Its noise level remains minimal throughout the electronic raising and lowering of the chair making it perfect for an office space. Vivi-06 To learn even more about ViviStand, click here to explore their kickstarter campaign.

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