Vision Toaster: Watch Your Toast before It Burns

A toaster that can finally end your burnt toast life, Magimix’s see-through Vision Toaster lets you see the bread as it burns, so you can save your breakfast every morning. Vision-Toaster-Watch-Your-Toast-before-It-Burns-02 Not everyone wakes up to a perfect morning as their ability to make perfect toast is often compromised. With the see-through Vision Toaster, you can watch the bread from beginning to end to cook the perfect toast. Vision-Toaster-Watch-Your-Toast-before-It-Burns-04 The fun doesn’t end there, there is a reason why Magimix’s Vision Toaster is known as the “luxury toaster”. It comes with four quartz tubes to provide eight different levels of baking, with easy to use button controls. This of course is why they used large double-insulated glass panels for walls, so that it won’t build up heat to its surroundings. And lastly, a crumb tray that is removable, easy to clean with large capacity. The overall design is very sleek, indeed a luxurious looking toaster. Vision-Toaster-Watch-Your-Toast-before-It-Burns-03 The Vision Toaster certainly isn’t the first transparent toaster design that has come out, however you can say it’s the most luxurious looking with it’s design and powerful multifunctional bread tool. Vision-Toaster-Watch-Your-Toast-before-It-Burns-05

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