Vessyl: Beverage and Calorie Intake Identifier Cup

The Vessyl is a beverage and calorie intake identifier cup that aids in a healthier and more engaged lifestyle. With molecular sensors, the cup can automatically detect the liquid being poured in (supposedly can even detect the difference between Coke and Pepsi)! Vessyl-Beverage_and_Calorie _Intake_Identifier_Cup_3 The cup can tell users the nutritional value of each drink by providing you real-time data on intakes like calorie, sugar, fat, caffeine and more. Vessyl-Beverage_and_Calorie _Intake_Identifier_Cup_4 It has an app that’s simple to use and monitors your drinking habits for personal reviews. The more the cup is used, the more personalized and attuned it is to its owner. Users can also sync this information with other exercise apps for added benefits and more control of their health. Vessyl-Beverage_and_Calorie _Intake_Identifier_Cup_2 It can even track your hydration and determines how well hydrated you are based completely on how much you drink out of the cup. This ensures you will be topped off on liquids, especially during rigorous activities to remain constantly hydrated! Vessyl-Beverage_and_Calorie _Intake_Identifier_Cup_5 Vessyl is reigning in new, smart technologies for cups to completely reinvent the way we interact with our diets. Liquids are essentials we sometimes neglect to either calculate or to ingest. This cup can hopefully change lifestyles and bring healthier choices for users. Video:

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