Vava: The Zigzag Stool

Picture living in a nicely decorated home.  No, not a home full of extravagant, ornate pieces that clutter the space, but a home with simple, unique, and captivating furnishings. Vava , the zigzag stool, is a piece that will take you that much closer to creating such a space.  A home essential, this compellingly simple stool was created by Norwegian designer, Kristine Five Melvær. vava-stool-01 This stool consists of a circular and flat wooden seat that is gently placed above the base, making the platform appear to practically be floating above the ground.  The zigzag, durable “V” shaped legs are actually crafted from a constant tube-shaped piece of ash wood, giving the entire piece an effortlessly streamlined look. vava-stool-03 Wittily yet appropriately named, the stool’s “Vava” title mimics the unique outlines created by the legs of the stool. Vava is extremely light, dynamic, and stable, making for a highly functional piece.  In fact, designer Kristine Five Melvær went out of her way to ensure that the stool was stackable for easy storage and transportation. The stool is also available in a lighter, natural ash wood colour, or a darker black stain. vava-stool-02 Vava is a high-quality home furnishing and decor piece. It is simple and beautiful, and the overall unique and innovative design makes it the ideal stool for any home. With the Vava zigzag stool, the home essential, you can finally have a simple stool that creates a captivating room and a unique home. vava-stool-04

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