Vatool: Educational Upcycling Toy

Remember all of the wonderfully imaginative creations you used to make with the likes of Mega Bloks and Duplo building blocks? Well, what if you could bring the next generation that same amount of joyous creativity all while being environmentally friendly?  Vatool is an educational upcycling toy that allows one to re-purpose empty plastic bottles by turning them into a unique form of building blocks. vatool_04 (738x492) Designed by Bpable Corp. of South Korea, Vatool is an inventive take on a classic children’s toy that hopes to impress upon more individuals the value of upcycling.  In essence, the product acts as a linking element between used PET plastic bottles, allowing children to create all kinds of shapes from animals to airplanes, and more. vatool_03 (738x489) Its special design means Vatool products to be used with both standard water bottles and other beverage plastic bottles that often vary in form. vatool_02 (738x489) The Vatool collection includes eight different linking pieces, ranging from those in the shape of the letter ‘L’ to more complex plus sign-inspired forms. With these simple yet environmentally friendly pieces, children are able to build pre-planned objects such as an airplane with Vatool’s multiple diagrams, or let their imaginations run wild and assemble anything their little minds can think up. vatool_05 (738x498) So build and play to your hearts content with Vatool, and know that with each structure, you’re doing a little something to help the environment.

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