Vanhawks Valour: Smart Bike with GPS

Vanhawks Valour is a bluetooth enabled carbon fibre bicycle, that connects with your phone to track your performance as well as provide you with security against theft and interactive feedback about your ride. vanhawks-valour-smart-bike-02 This high tech smart bike with GPS when synced with your phone, provides turn-by-turn navigation through LED indicators on the steering wheel. As you make your way towards your destination the bike makes sure that you don’t get lost by signalling your next turn as you approach it. vanhawks-valour-smart-bike-03 The bike’s steering wheel has set of grips that alert you by vibrating when an object, such as an approaching car, is in your blind spot. For extra vigilance it has sensors in the rear as well. Made of carbon fibre frame, Valour is sleek, highly durable and ultra light. vanhawks-valour-smart-bike-04 Featured with a mesh network, it can connect other nearby Vanhawks owners and gather real-time information on setbacks like potholes, road closures, and lane blockages. If your Valour is ever stolen, the network interacts to help you locate your missing bike, sending your phone an update about your bike’s location any time it is in the area of another Valour. vanhawks-valour-smart-bike-05 The bike’s ergonomic design provides an optimal riding experience while all of the electronics inside the Valour conveniently charge as you ride it. vanhawks-valour-smart-bike-06 Video:

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