VacuVita: Eco-Friendly Vacuum Food Storage

Food waste is bad for the environment and bad for your wallet, so VacuVita saves the day by increasing the shelf-life of your fresh food. It’s easy to forget to cook the vegetables in your fridge before they are too brown and wilted to eat, and sometimes it’s impossible to finish all of your leftovers before they start going bad. Vacuvita is a vacuum food storage system that helps keep food fresh for up to 5 times longer than normal storing methods. And because the Vacuvita doesn’t use lots of plastic bags or awkward pumps, this vacuum food storage system is both eco-friendly and easy to use. Vacuum-packing food is a great way to keep food from spoiling and preserving great taste. Food goes bad because of bacterial growth and decomposition. If oxygen is removed, these processes are slowed. There are many vacuum food storage systems on the market, but most use one-use plastic bags and complicated vacuums. The Vacuvita is the first vacuum food storage system to be sleek, sustainable and easy to use. Vacuvita Vacuum Food Storage System The Vacuvita system revolves around a “home base” container that is both a food storage container and the vacuum device. Just wave your hand in front of the glowing button, and the lid opens automatically with a small “puff” sound. Add the food, close the lid, and the light will come on and you’ll hear the air being expelled in another “puff”. With all the oxygen in the container gone, the shelf-life of the food increases, and the flavour is locked in. The vacuum itself is very quiet, and doesn’t use much energy. The Vacuvita is very energy efficient.  It does not use energy 99% of the time that it is in standby mode, and uses just 12 volts when creating the vacuum. And in the short burst of time that it is creating the vacuum, the system is quieter than your fridge. Coupled with its sleek, modern design, and available in 5 colours, the Vacuvita will fit into any kitchen. There are also external containers available that work with the base unit. They are made of BPA-free plastic. Just add food to the container, close the lid and connect the container to the base with a small vacuum tube. With the press of a single button, the Vacuvita makes a vacuum in the external container. There are also single-use vacuum bags available, which are ideal for storing meat in the freeze, but using the reusable external storage containers is better for the environment. External Containers for Vacuvita Vacuum food storage system Most kitchens have refrigerators and freezers to slow the growth of bacteria, and thus making our food last longer. The future of food storage is vacuum. Now that Vacuvita has made a vacuum food storage system that is not only energy efficient, easy, and effective, but also beautifully designed, vacuum storage is going to become standard practice very soon. Video:

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