V-Tex: The Cooling Microwave

There’s nothing like a cold drink on a hot day to refresh the body and cool the tongue, or maybe you’ve bought your favourite bottle of white and you want to uncork that bad boy as soon as you get home. No one wants to wait for a cold drink and ice in wine isn’t always the most appealing option. Enter V-Tex. V-Tex is a cooling machine that can chill anything from soda to wine in less than 45 seconds. v-tex-the-cooling-microwave-04 Created by Enviro-Cool, a British company that specializes in energy efficient cooling tech, the V-Tex cools beverages of any size and type. The V-Tex has been dubbed the “Cooling Microwave” and it shakes the drinks in order to lower their temperatures. Madness, you say, especially with carbonated sodas and glass bottles, but it is programmed with an algorithm and a cooling system dubbed the Rankine Vortex. In conjunction with one another, the algorithm and cooling system recognizes the different densities and liquids that are being placed in it.  Then it adjusts its spin and cooling cycle so each unique beverage gets to the perfectly chilled temperature. v-tex-the-cooling-microwave-03 While this is useful to have as a home accessory, the most innovative part of the V-Tex is that it can be commercialized within grocery stores with a V-Tex machine made for home and one made for stores. Having industrialized freezers that are constantly in use drains energy and becomes costly. Drinks don’t need to be kept cold in storage, but having them in a chiller makes it easier to drink right away. Having one universal V-Tex eliminates the use of freezers and allows drinks usually stored in there to be kept on shelves with other products. This energy save could severely reduce a company’s carbon footprint. v-tex-the-cooling-microwave-01 V-Tex is a technology that should be appearing in retailers in the near future as a means to slash energy costs. This Cooling Microwave is revolutionary in its simple use of cooling drinks of all sizes and acts as a way for large retailers to become more energy efficient.

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