UVe Cleaning Robot: A Bot that Disinfects with UV Light

Due to the plethora of innovation these days, robots are becoming more and more common, especially robots to perform mundane tasks like cleaning. The UVe is a cleaning robot that uses the technology of UV lights to disinfect surfaces. The user places the UVe on a countertop, and the robot cleans the surface. It is fully automated and can even be programmed to clean when the user is out of the house. uve-002 This cleaning robot is built with polymer and aluminium construction along with a low-pressure UVC lamp, which allows it to be very efficient at its job. The sensors in the robot records its path and the obstacles in its way in order to clean the entire surface area. You don’t have to worry about the robot falling off the counter – it learns and remembers the area of the counter and can avoid the edge. uve-003 In the unlikely event that the robot reaches a battery percentage of under 10%, the robot has an automatic shut-off feature. When the battery gets too low, the UVe goes back to its port to recharge. The robot serves as a healthier alternative to household cleaning sprays. UV disinfection works by breaking molecular bonds that hold bacterial DNA together, and prohibits bacteria from reproducing. No more need for chemical cleaners on your counter tops. The UVe Cleaning Robot serves as a smart, well-made, and ecologically friendly alternative to the commercial cleaning products found on the market. In the future, hopefully all cleaning products will be just as chemical-free and simple.

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