USB ChargeDoubler: The Fastest Mini Charging Cable

It’s always frustrating when you’re out and about and your phone suddenly dies. Traditional chargers can be bulky and annoying to carry around. It can also take a while to charge your phone so that it has enough power to last for a decent amount of time. The USB ChargeDoubler is the solution to these inconvenient problems. It is lightweight, compact, and charges your phone twice as fast as a standard USB cable. USB-charge-doubler-05 The ChargeDoubler is compatible with both iPhones and Androids. It uses a computer USB port or other USB chargers to give power to your phone with up to 200% speed. It allows your device to be charged with a full current of 1A instead of the typical 0.5A. USB-charge-doubler-01 In addition to being one of the speediest chargers around, the ChargeDoubler also has a unique and practical design. It is portable and a mere 60 mm in size. The charger includes a magnetic lock with N50 neodym magnets for strong adhesion which allows it to easily attach to a keychain. It is also available in an assortment of fun colors including light blue, orange, pink, lime green and grey. There is bound to be a color that you like! usb-charge-doubler-04 Another noteworthy fact about the ChargeDoubler is that DPC (Data Protected Charging) blocks data transfer when you are connected to a computer. This eliminates the worry of data hacking, or malware being uploaded onto your cellphone when charging in a public network. USB-charge-doubler-03 The ChargeDoubler is ideal for anyone who needs immediate access to their mobile device but who doesn’t have much time. It is a convenient, easily accessible time-saver!

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