URI Light Bulb: Solar System Lamps

The word “URI” is a reference to God’s light in Greek. Inspired by this concept and the essence of beauty in space and its planets, Nap created the URI light collection. These are a series of unique LED bulbs with simple minimalist lines. Creating different lighting effects, the lines are inspired by our solar planets. This brings LED light bulbs to another level. URI-Light-Bulb-Solar-System-Lamps-01 With LED lighting no longer considered old fashion, the URI light collection adds a glamorous touch to your home, office, restaurant, or any interior of your choice. It is also more practical to use because of its long life span and energy saving quality. URI-Light-Bulb-Solar-System-Lamps-05 The light bulb itself is made up of acrylic glass sheets and led-screw base. The lighting effect is created when the light source is reflected from the bottom to the transparent acrylic glass. LED technology, laser cut machining, traditional mortise and tenon skills are all a process of creating the URI bulb. There are six styles of the URI led bulbs which are all inspired by space: Venus, Mars, Earth, Wave, Sun, and Jupiter. URI-Light-Bulb-Solar-System-Lamps-06 The URI LED bulbs are etched with a decorative laser, making these energy-saving bulbs an aesthetic and durable addition to your home.

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