Remember when you were little and how quickly your mom was to chastise you for your awful slouching? Well, you’re an adult now and maybe (probably) still slouching, but mom isn’t around as often to remind you that the Hunchback of Notre Dame look isn’t doing you any favors. So how does one go about undoing 20+ years of slumped shoulders and a curved back? This is UPRIGHT GO, mom’s modern replacement (don’t worry, Mom, all jobs are being replaced by technology, not just yours). This tiny wearable device, created by Upright Technologies, has made improving the dreaded “screen-slouch” its sole mission. It promises better posture in two to three weeks by vibrating at even the slightest drooping of the shoulders. Realistically, it’s not your fault. With all the screens that are constantly in front of us, poor posture is the naturally occurring epidemic that comes along with them. However, just as easily as you turn on your smart-phone, you can begin to use UPRIGHT GO. The device uses double-sided reusable stickers (they’re also hypoallergenic!) to stick comfortably to skin. Each pack comes with five stickers, lasting average of fifteen applications each. Immediately after putting on the device, it will not only begin to vibrate when you slouch but will save your posture data to its accompanying app. UPRIGHT GO is completely waterproof, fits all bodies, and ensures accuracy. It also lasts as long as your phone battery does, so there’s no excuse to not track your posture while scrolling through Instagram. Between Netflix on your iPad and working from your laptop, back pain isn’t going to go anywhere; 8 in 10 Americans will experience it. Since we love to surround ourselves with the technology that is hurting us, why not incorporate some that will heal? More information on this impressive little piece of technology can be found here.  

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