UniverSole: Health-Monitoring Insoles

The age of the wearable device is here. Thanks to a recent explosion in demand for fitness gadgets, the market is now flooded with products that track daily activity to help you improve your fitness levels and overall health. Most of these trackers are worn around the wrist or via clips or bands, and connect wirelessly with a smart device to track steps, calories, heart rate, etc. Enter UniverSole, designed by entrepreneurs Kyle McQueeney and Daniel Xavier, a pressure-tracking insole that monitors your activity using your feet. Universole-01 UniverSole is a thin insole that can be inserted into almost any type of footwear. The insole contains sensors to track your weight distribution and monitor your physical activity. The accompanying mobile app is synchronized with your daily activity. It will prompt push notifications on your smart device to provide motivation and reminders during your workout. You can also use the app to check progress, set goals, and share results with friends. universole-03 UniverSole can track and log your weight distribution during a number of customized activities. The mobile app will even send you reminders mid-workout if it senses your distribution is unequal or if you are planting your feet incorrectly. Understanding your weight distribution may help you learn how to maintain proper balance and avoid injury. Universole-02 UniverSole’s designers insist that tracking activity from the feet provides more accurate data to better achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals. The insole can be worn easily in any environment and is designed for comfort over long-term use. Since you can slip UniverSole into almost any shoe, it might be the only wearable device that won’t go out of style.

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