UniLid: Universal Lid

Everyone needs to store opened food every now and then. Plastic wrap can be harmful to the environment, but reusable containers often turn cupboards into a mess. Two Pillars is a company that aimed to fix this. The alternative, then, is UniLid! UniLid is a stretchable lid that can fit on any bowl or container, despite odd sizes or shapes. The durable silicone is also spill-proof, as it contours to the container to ensure zero leakage. To use UniLid, simply choose the appropriate size and stretch it over the top of your bowl, container, pot, can, fruit, vegetable, or whatever else needs to be saved. Then, use the week dial on the top of the lid to the expiry date so you’re reminded when your food is as fresh as possible. The product is currently available in two different colors and five sizes. Get your UniLid in sizes ranging from 6.5 cm to 21 cm in colors like Blue Topaz and Clear Frost. It’s simple, easy to stow away, and extremely easy to clean as silicone is stick-proof, stain-proof and doesn’t absorb any odors. It’s also dishwasher, freeze, heat and microwave safe. Two Pillars is so confident in the durability of the product, that they’ll be happy to replace it at no charge if yours breaks. UniLid is the perfect solution for food storage, and it’ll keep you safe too. Free of BPA and approved by the FDA, this product is here to make your life easier. This is a must-have for any kitchen. If you’re interested in getting UniLid to save the planet and your cupboard space at the same time, check out the Kickstarter page here!

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