Unico: Smart Toothbrush

Sometimes we forget to do the simple things. In our fast-paced lifestyles, we barely make time for ourselves so something like brushing our teeth can take a back seat to that sales report that’s due in 3 hours. We as citizens of this century love to maximize our time, and so do the creators behind Unico Smart Brush. A patented smart brush that only takes 3 seconds to clean all your teeth. It’s the perfect tool for complete oral hygiene that works 60 times faster than the traditional toothbrush thus making this the product to add to your everyday routine. Investing in one of these will save a lot of money in the future. It’s incredibly easy to use: simply add toothpaste to the power unit, double-tap to start the washing process on the power unit and 3 seconds later, rinse off and you’re done! Dentists prescribe that we all brush our teeth for approximately 3 minutes after every meal if possible. Over a lifetime, we accumulate spending around 200 days alone brushing our teeth! Unico mathematically cuts down on that time so it only takes 3 seconds to fully brush the surface of a tooth to maximize our time for the rest of our lives! Multitask while you blitz away plaque in almost the blink of an eye. The movements of the ergonomically sound and flared bristles perform full circular motions to reach deeper in between the gaps of the gums and cover all exposed tooth surfaces. Unico is equipped with a system that injects the right portion of toothpaste directly on the teeth by utilizing perforated rotating pin of the various brushes. It reaches and sterilizes all exposed teeth, gums and tongue surface to minimize waste from the traditional toothbrush. We often rinse our toothbrushes under the water and let it sit on our counter; this method does not always prove the most sanitary as it does not disinfect but rather proliferates the production of bacteria and moulds. That is why Unico is designed with a Dock and UV Station to ensure that you are placing a clean and sterilized unit in your mouth every time. The Unico’s power unit is rechargeable. The docking station can be plugged into your wall outlet and is formulated with USB type-C wires. The UNICO can support the entire family with its modular architecture to meet the needs of large households. You can add up to 2 extra UV stations to the basic kit to accommodate different sizes of the mouth. Unico features different sizes for all jaws to comfortably fit into all dental arches for men and women. Their research found that there is a direct correlation between height and jaw width: large for those over 170cm, medium for 150-170cm, small for 140-154cm and extra-small for children below 140cm. Unico is the next step in revolutionizing our lifestyles by redefining efficiency. Our time is precious and Unico lets you make the most of it.

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