Uni-ball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil: Always Sharp

Mechanical pencils have proven their convenience – refillable and no need for a sharpener. However, mechanical pencils do still become dull over use. The lead looses its sharpness and the tip becomes chisel-shaped. Such tip gives broader, smudgy, and un-uniform line widths. With this in mind, Uni-ball Japan developed an advanced mechanical pencil that always stay sharp.


Kuru Toga is designed with a core rotation mechanism that allows the lead to continually rotate with every stroke. Everytime the user lifts the pencil up, a spring-loaded clutch twists the lead. This action results in a sharp, breakage-resistant, clean cone-shaped tip. You can’t help but be amazed on how the pencil incredibly sharpens itself.


In addition, Uni-ball provides diamond-infused leads for added strength. All of this is to ensure the user can draw smooth, uniform, thin lines with ease.



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