UltraLight Phone Charger: Solar Inflatable Lantern

Navigating the wilderness is very rewarding if you have the proper tools, otherwise, you’re just terrified. Nothing is scarier than being out in the great outdoors without a light or a phone. LuminAID has designed a product that addresses both these issues—a solar powered lantern that charges your phone. Luminaid-02 This inflatable lantern is a safety item for various reasons. To begin, unlike most light emitting electronics, it’s waterproof. It is also weightless, measuring in at 1″ inch when flat and a 6″ inches when fully inflated. The brightness has 5 settings which range from high intensity (lasts 3-4 hours) to flashing (lasts 60-72 hours). The colours also range according to preference. Luminaid-06 The most beneficial feature about this product is its ability to run on solar power. Its LED light comes from a single solar pannel that lies at its centre. Though it can be charged using a USB within 2-3 hours, it can also charge by laying out in the sun (12-14 hours). Even if the weather calls for overcast, LuminAid will still charge and be ready by night. Luminaid-03 It’s energy efficient, portable and extremly useful. If your phone dies and you are nowhere close to having access to electricity, it will not be a problem. This is great for camping and emergency situations. Saving energy is a very important global movement that ensures the sustainability of our planet, and this product fully captures that message. Luminaid-04 Th USB port in LuminAID allows you to charge any electrical device within 2-4 hours so you are not limited to just your phone. The lantern handle also hooks onto just about anything, allowing you to carry it around or clip it onto any object. Luminaid-05 This product is an incredible source of outdoor light that it’s next to impossible to think of a reason not to grab it for your next trip. To find out further details and purchase LuminAid, click here.

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