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Two recreational hockey players took a positive turn to the lack of quality and durability they found from using hockey bags. They decided to create their own line with different attributes than conventional hockey bags. Pacific Rink, created by Jason Withee and Brad Serkin have 2 bags—the Pond Pack and the Player Bag. Both bags have multi-purpose features, and are made from high quality ballistic nylon with superb webbing and stitching techniques that really strengthen the bags. Also, both bags are fully lined inside with reflective material to make all items stored noticeable. Normally, hockey bags have a basic black material inside that always make it hard to see all stored belongings—what an excellent improvisation from Pacific Rink! In detail, the Pond Pack comes in a traditional rucksack shape, which is also meant for personal use if you choose. Its particular size was designed for people who needed a bag for hockey equipment in a compact manner. Compact, but very durable. The front pocket for personal items is made from fleece, and this bag falls under a military grade. There’s also a tablet sleeve, adjustable shoulder straps, skate sleeves, a helmet clip, a large open space for the crux of your gear, and a string closure. All these features can be fully utilized or not, making it a universal product. The Player Bag is for those who need, or want, more hockey equipment as its design reflects a traditional hockey bag. However, unlike a traditional hockey bag, the stand-out feature of the Player Bag is how compartmentalized it is. There is a main divider that separates the bag into two parts, which makes it easy to store and collect a variety of hockey gear. Like the Pond Pack, skates will have specific containment for them as sleeves, although inside. They are packed in an upright position, keeping them nicely hinged.  Also, another similar feature to the Pond Pack is the pocket for your personal belongings such as your wallet, keys, phone, etc. There’s a removable bag where you would place all your wet attire into to be conveniently thrown into a washing machine in its entirety for cleaning. Thankfully, there’s a ventilation mesh, a feature that seems to be customary for the Player Bag, where airflow is circulated to prevent any strong smells from stabilizing. So if you’re a hockey player in need of an excellent bag, choose the Pacific Rink bags. For more information, go to the Pacific Rink website.

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