Uitto: The Biocomposite Skateboard

Waterproof, warp-proof, and 100% recyclable, the Uitto biocomposite skateboard brings traditional wooden boards into the 21st century. Joel Raivio, Henri Vanonen, and Samu Amunet of Uitto Boards decided it was time to give old fashioned cruisers a facelift when they started designing Uitto skateboards. Standard temporary boards are faulty; made to bend, crack, and delaminate. Uitto Boards wanted to create something that would last.  And unlike the unsustainable manufacturing of standard skateboards, they also aimed to produce their boards in a clean, green, eco-friendly manner. Uitto-The-Biocomposite-Skateboard-01 The sustainable board is made of kareline natural fiber composite, consisting of wood fibres and polypropylene. This makes tougher and more responsive to movement. Uitto-The-Biocomposite-Skateboard-05 The trees that produce the wood fibre are sourced from Nordic areas in which the rate of tree growth outweighs the rate of forestry. Glue and other such toxic substances are not used in manufacturing these boards. All materials are reusable and safe enough to even make food-safe dishware. The factory itself is powered by green, reusable energy. In the end, there is zero waste production. Uitto-The-Biocomposite-Skateboard-04 The Uitto Biocomposite Skateboard is adaptable, and more capable of weathering the elements than the traditional skateboard. As part of the structure, these boards have integrated risers to help improve response and adjust flex. Thanks to “Ride-On-Rough” 59mm 80a-wheels, you can enjoy smooth rides on rougher surfaces. Uitto-The-Biocomposite-Skateboard-03 Each board shows off a unique pattern made by the flow of natural fibers in the molding process.  The deck comes in three colors: bark, moss and stone. An innovative twist on the standard skateboard, Uitto Biocomposite boards offer a smooth ride without sacrificing quality.

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