The UFO: Unidentified Furniture Object Rocking Chair

The UFO – Unidentified Furniture Object rocking chair is a futuristic lounge chair. Inspired by the conventional flying saucers or capsules, the UFO rocking chair is a luxurious design furniture. UFO-01 Designed by Italian furniture company IT ONEOFF, this innovative rocking chair is one of a kind. It is the only lounger in the world that fancies only ‘one ground point’. IT ONEOFF is well recognized worldwide for creating exclusive designs, and is proficient in blending tradition with technology. UFO-02 The unique design concept of UFO makes it an exclusive furniture piece that can add a substantial edge to any home décor. Like most other normal rocking chairs, the UFO swings back and forth. What sets this lounger apart is its ability to swivel from side to side as well. UFO-03 Also, UFO pivots and spins around. According to its creator, Marco Travaini, UFO is not a usual piece of furniture, but a new seating concept. A fabulous fabrication of imagination and craftsmanship, UFO aims to revolutionize rocking chair lounge designs. UFO-04 The base or the shell of the rocker is made of spherical carbon fiber cap and is treated with automotive technologies. This beautiful base not only stands on its own but can move about in 360 degrees without shaking off the user. UFO-05 Filled with memory foam of varying densities, the handmade seat thus achieves correct ergonomics to act like a space capsule. All parts of the UFO rocking chair lounger are hand crafted and glazed for extra strength. UFO-08 The seat top is finally sewn and wrapped in high quality custom leather cushion. These spacious loungers come in attractive range of colours. Measuring 145 x 175 x 110 cm and weighing 106 kg, UFO indeed craves for space in a room. UFO-06 Video:

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