UE MEGABOOM: Ultimate Wireless Speaker

The UE MEGABOOM is an amazing portable wireless speaker with an astounding 360 degree-sound with deep heart pounding bass – everywhere you go. You can create a mini riot and have a spontaneous party with your friends wherever you go, be it on the mountains, desert, beach, or rain bashing. MEGABOOM-01 With a beautiful and bold color and iconic design scheme, the UE MEGABOOM pumps out powerful sound with deep bass in all directions making your music adventure an awesome one. Music wasn’t meant to be quiet. It is supposed to be spread, pumped out, shared and blasted. That’s precisely what these smart speakers intend to do. MEGABOOM-02 This smart wireless gadget helps to connect two devices at once. It is a convenient mode and easy way to take up with friends at sharing music and playing the DJ. You can even wirelessly double up with another UE speaker. This beautiful gizmo is waterproof (IPX7) and is also ultra light, 1.7 lbs. MEGABOOM-03 With a fantastic grab ‘n’ go shape, the speaker features 20 hrs rechargeable battery with ultra-fast micro USB charging, and an extended 100 ft Bluetooth wireless range. MEGABOOM-04 You can use the MEGABOOM app to control and manage your party from afar. It has interesting features such as Block Party, Double Up, Gesture Control, Personal EQ (fully customized 5-band equalizer) and Musical Alarm. So you can wake up to your favorite songs as well. MEGABOOM-05 Video:

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