Ubikubi: The Creative Kitchen Set

At the absolute minimum, if you prepare your own food, you will be in your kitchen three times every day. That means that every single day you will see the same bland utensils, bowls, pots, and appliances as you prepare your snacks and meals for your day. Being in a better mood can help jump-start your day or keep you going as it progresses. A better mindset can also give you the culinary creativity to try out that new recipe or liven up your dietary choices. Add something interesting to your kitchen with Ubikubi’s creative kitchen set of jars.   From the minds of designers Robert Savu and Dragos Motica, comes a fresh look on kitchenware. The design duo was inspired by a Romanian tradition of mushroom collection in the summer months. Dubbed the ALBE collection, there are five different styles of jars based off of mushrooms found throughout the Romanian countryside. With names like Royal Sponge and Deers Leg, you cannot possibly think about them and not crack a smile; the other names include: Milky Sponge, Pitarca, and Black Hrib. Like their wildlife counterparts, the mushroom inspired look of the jars sport varied widths and heights; store pasta, oils, spices, and more. Heights and widths vary between all five styles. Made from porcelain, cork, and beech wood, the jars have character and functionality. Cork is a well-known resource of Portugal and most frequently accompanied with a bottle of wine. Impermeable against liquids and gases, your contents will stay fresh and be kept safe from moisture. Cork is also hypoallergenic. The lids will be easy to clean and will not absorb dust. Beech wood (available in white or natural wood for the tray) has the accolade for type of wood with the most lovers’ initials carved into it. Bring this wonderful combination of function meets style in this creative kitchen set and enjoy being in your kitchen. You can find additional sets and jars sold separately, as well as other interesting pieces for your home, here.

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