The Twister: Spaghetti Fork

The Twister spaghetti fork is a cutlery classic, with a twist. Designed by Damjan Stankovic, based in Belgrade, Serbia, this design aims to take the frustration out of the act of eating slippery Italian pasta. Using a traditional fork to eat spaghetti is no easy feat, and it can make even the most coordinated people look foolish. Using a spoon and a fork can be a tricky as well. With the Twister there is no struggle with your food. No spoon needed, just this nifty spaghetti fork!


Two small design elements come together to make the Twister the optimal piece of cutlery for Italian pasta: The shape of the tines keeps the spaghetti from slipping off of the fork, while the handle gets the pasta on the fork with ease.


The striking, undulating design of the Twister’s tines separates this fork from all others. The wavy tines of the Twister fork are both beautiful and functional – they are elegant and are also the key to grasping and holding strands of pasta.The handle is rounded, to make twirling spaghetti around the fork a smoother motion. No more ungraceful motions to get the spaghetti to stay on the fork, the Twister will make any diner look like a pasta connoisseur.


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