Twig 4: Unique Chair

ALIAS, the Italian furniture brand specializes in furniture made of aluminum. The Twig 4 chair is the product of an idea to create a chair made of four aluminium legs, or “twigs” and a seat. twig-4-unique-chair-02 The structure of the chairs are all the same, however you can change the upper seat and back portion to your liking with several unit variations that feature different shapes, colours, and materials. twig-4-unique-chair-04 These units are attached to the legs, and depending on your preference, you can connect sections or add a high or low backrest. twig-4-unique-chair-05 Choices for seat material include wood, plastic, and fabric. Taking off the seat and upper portion allows you to stack multiple frames which makes for convenient storage. The Twig 4 is both sleek and functional. twig-4-unique-chair-03

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