Turntable Station: Audio Furniture

The Turntable Station is a unique piece of audio furniture, professionally developed by turntable experts – a modern and fascinating design solution. audio-furniture-01 This award winning design is constructed using durable material. The architects behind this unique furniture piece used MDF – a hard, dense wood fiber material to construct. MDF is a highly specialized material and is chosen because of its durability and vibration-dampening qualities. audio-furntiure-02 It also has a large storage capacity, and a smooth finish with roundish corners. The matte finish of the product adds to the uniqueness of the piece. audio-furniture-03 Additionally, there is a special accessories and a record shelf. The record unit can hold up to 100 records. The design also features special grooves that can showcase the album covers. The entire set up is just perfect for the music lovers and collectors. audio-furniture-04 Made with precision in measurements, the Turntable is just right for a modern lifestyle and living space. Sleek and tasteful, the furniture has an ample amount of space for organizing accessories, and keeping the power and audio cables neatly organized. Video:

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