Turning Tables: Expanding Capstan Table

The Fletcher Capstan Table is a work of magical art. The table expands with a 120 degree spin, with the complex inner workings concealing the seamless process and giving the appearance of magic. Created by designer and mechanical engineer, David Fletcher, the Capstan table is an improvement on Robert Jupe’s idea from 1835. Fletcher’s background in furniture and love of design has brought this table into the modern age with a working design that took years to perfect. turning-tables-expanding-capstan-table-02 The table top leafs have a system underneath at the core with a layer of aluminium honeycomb that raises and lowers when in use to allow room for the leafs to move when expanding. The honeycomb design lends strength, stability and rigidity to the table while the aluminium is lightweight to make maneuvering the table an easy task. turning-tables-expanding-capstan-table-03 The table has 13 self-stored elements that open up when the top is turned. On the first layer, while the table is small, there are six pie-shaped leafs. Beneath that, there are six arrow-shaped leafs and a star-shaped leaf in the center that increase the size of the table by 73% and settle smoothly after the transition. The mechanism underneath makes this possible and because it uses high quality stainless steel and anodised aluminium, the table will last generations to come. turning-tables-expanding-capstan-table-04 The Capstan comes in three sizes, all of which expand to a larger size. The smallest goes from 1.67 to 2.2 meters, the medium size is 1.90 to 2.5 meters and the largest is 2.28 to 3.0 meters, and can expand to 3.6 meters with an additional overlay. Because the table converts by rotation, they can either transform manually or electronically with a small remote control. Fletcher Capstan prizes itself on being a luxury furniture designer, so the hardwoods they use are quality woods that ensure long-lasting pieces. The most common woods are teak, Brazilian mahogany, and European walnut with a low-sheen polyurethane finish for longevity even in outdoor conditions. Video:

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