Project Turns Waste Into Benches

Plastic waste is a growing problem globally, but a Rotterdam-based company, The New Raw, has developed the XXX Bench as a solution. The bench stems from the “Print Your City!” initiative, which uses 3D printing technology. The company turns plastic waste into an outdoor bench for citizens of Amsterdam to enjoy! The 100% recycled bench can seat two to four people with its interesting design. The bench requires proper balance for comfortable seating. Its constant curves make for excellent viewing and fantastic photos in the city. The grey color resembles that of a typical trash bag, which furthers the statement and actually makes it stand out more. Because plastic waste has such a large impact on the planet, this solution is necessary. The average citizen of Amsterdam creates 23 kilograms of plastic waste each year. If it weren’t for initiatives like “Print Your City!”, this plastic would be polluting the oceans. The New Raw has calculated that for every two Amsterdammers in a year, one bench could be made. This means that just one bench uses 36 kilograms of recycled plastic! 3D printing has allowed many opportunities for environmental help. This technology allows projects like the XXX Bench to come to life while making a change in the community and on Earth! It also sends a message that proves citizens can benefit from being responsible, whether or not it feels like it initially. If you’re interested in the Print Your City! campaign, check them out here.

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