Trolley Bags: Reusable Shopping Bags

Trolley Bags are a very simple, yet brilliant, idea to make your shopping easier and more organized. This new concept makes plastic bags, tote bags, even the green recycled bags – a thing of the past. trolley-bag-02 This new and fabulous product can actually make mundane grocery shopping an interesting task. Trolley Bags are essentially a set of four-colour coded and reusable bags of various sizes that are attached together with Velcro. They do little more than fit into the cart, but they make shopping, loading and unloading items easier and simpler. trolley-bag-03 Interestingly the bags vary in size and colour. You can colour-code your grocery bag or choose to put the heavy items into the bigger bags. Lighter and smaller items go in the smaller bags at the front of the trolley. trolley-bag-04 Besides, this remarkable new method helps you pack up your groceries at the counter as you check out items. trolley-bag-05 Simply detach the bags from each other while loading them in the car. You are packed and all sorted as well. trolley- bag-06Besides, these reusable bags are made from eco-friendly non-woven material and easily machine washed. Just don’t forget to remove the detachable plastic rods before loading them into the washing machine though!

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