Troika: The Outdoor Hammock

Hammocks most commonly share a similar construction that include two attachments on either end of a fabric that is made for one to lay on once the attachments are latched onto upright structures. The design, shape, and colour of hammocks do vary, and it is entirely preferential to choose from. Rarely do hammocks, if not ever, have differences in the basic structure. Troika Outdoors has innovated a hammock that does have a difference in structure requiring three attachments instead of the normal two along with other unique features as well. hammock-1 There is a significant difference with a hammock with three attachments compared to two as fabric will expand into a more solid structure for support. Hammocks with two attachments often can be flimsy and will wrap someone in them rather than provide a comfortable flat space as intended. Or at times, hammocks with two attachments will easily flip. Imagine being in the middle of your nap, and a strong breeze comes by, and you wake up to a sudden impact to the ground, which isn’t very comforting to say the least. With three attachments, which are adjustable to the distances from the Troika Hammock to the upright structures, it is fully solid for one to lay, lounge, and sleep on–always. hammock-2 The other benefit of this hammock is that it only weighs less than a pound. It has a breaking strength of 700 pounds of evenly distributed weight, and has a workload weight of 250 pounds. It is made out of 100% Nylon and is waterproof. It comes in a travel pack that allows one to pack this hammock either wet or dry without the worry of mildew. Also, it made to withstand outdoor elements, and it can be cleaned regularly with a washing machine. In addition, there are thirteen different colours to choose from. hammock-3 If enjoying the outdoors includes using a hammock, the one created by Troika Outdoors shows that it’s ahead of the competition in quality, size, and colour. To support this project go to the Kickstarter page.

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