Trinity ONE: Specialty Coffee Brewer

Sweater weather is here and nothing pairs better with crisp, autumn air than a hot cup of joe. But, if you’re like me, instant just doesn’t cut it. Making coffee is as sensual an experience as drinking it. You take pride in the process and breathe in the toasty aroma before taking that first, euphoric sip. If this sounds like you, then the Trinity ONE should be a part of your life! A specialty coffee brewer, Trinity ONE combines brewing methods such as pour over, air pressure and cold brew to satisfy your coffee hankering.

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Australian engineer and product developer, Mark Folker, created Trinity ONE. More than your average coffee maker, Folker designed a high-quality, brewing appliance that is beautiful, functional and interactive.


A pour-over method involves water being poured over roasted beans or grounds to make coffee. But you knew that! What you didn’t know is that Trinity ONE’s inner chamber has a cone-shaped opening, compatible with paper and metal cone filters, that yields the perfect pour over every time.


If you prefer deeper, richer coffees and espressos, consider air-pressure brewing. This method steeps grounds in water and then presses a plunger through a tube to filter the steeped concoction.

Trinity ONE features a press cylinder ideal for brewing under mild air pressure; it also presses automatically all by itself. If you want to customize the standard press time and pressure, simply change the hardness of the O-Rings or adjust the grind coarseness. 


A useful feature of Trinity ONE is that its filter head allows flow control. Flow control prevents unwanted drips during the brew process. It also lets you steep grounds for as long as you want by turning off the flow control entirely. After your brew is complete, you can easily remove the filter head and throw out the used grounds.

In the mood for a cold brew? Simply use both sections of the brew chamber and flow controller for a long and continuous immersion. This allows for concurrent brewing, combining the pour-over and air-pressure method.


Tactfully constructed, Trinity ONE’s brew chamber is double-walled for thermal insulation and is made of glass and Tritan, the same material used for baby bottles. Trinity ONE has a stainless steel and wood exterior with your choice of Australian timber including Bunya Pine, Red Gum, and Tasmanian Hardwood.

Designed to be on display instead of hidden away, Trinity ONE is a classy, compact, all-in-one brewer. It reduces bench-top clutter, produces high-quality brews, and is ideal for coffee connoisseurs everywhere.

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