Triangle Collection: Wood Assembly Furniture

The designer Charlier Pommier has created the Triangle Collection. The Triangle Collection is a beautiful selection of wooden chairs and tables that can be easily assembled and disassembled. This elegant collection of wooden furniture will change the way you move homes, host guests, and decorate your home. The Triangle Collection gives consumers collapsable yet, sturdy; convenient yet, beautiful home decor. triangle-collection-wood-assembly-furniture-01 All of the furniture in this collection can be assembled without the use of tools or extra parts. Some of the furniture in this collection is shipped, ready for assembly. In this case, assembly is simply done by unfolding the parts of the piece into place. The assembly process is done in about fifteen seconds, saving a massive amount of time. For pieces that have not been preassembled, assembly can be done easily by putting the perfectly fitting parts together. Anyone who has bought and assembled unassembled furniture knows that assembly can be unnecessarily tedious. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue with any piece in the Triangle Collection. triangle-collection-wood-assembly-furniture-06 The parts of each chair and table are produced through the use of digital cutting. Digital cutting allows for each part to fit into each other part perfectly making each piece foldable and steady. Every part (other than the cushions) is made out of ash tree, an incredibly strong and versatile wood that can have many finishes. The chairs and tables in this collection come in various types all while maintaining a triangular look. There are stained lounge chairs, armchairs, side tables, and coffee tables. Non-stained items include regular chairs, tables, and extra long tables. triangle-collection-wood-assembly-furniture-05 The Triangle Collection of furniture uses the shape of a triangle in all of the designs. The selection has a very modern feel. The space used in the design is very economical, saving space in the home. The word “sharp” comes to mind when looking at each product in this collection. The outlines of triangles that comprise the legs of the tables and chairs give the collection this sharp yet, elegant aesthetic. These qualities make the Triangle Collection a perfect fit for any modern home. The Triangle Collection can be purchased and supported on Kickstarter. This is the way of the future for home decorating in terms of both style and convenience.

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