Trees That Grow Into Furniture

Every furniture in your home is mostly made from timber. The material itself often requires an excessive amount of process, starting from an chopped tree which is then milled, sawed, planed, sanded, then glue and screw every little piece back together. It would have been much easier to just grow a tree into a piece of furniture, with the benefits that the furniture would be in one-piece, strong, and mostly likely last longer than any average assembled furnitures. Gavin Munro took this idea and made it into a reality, he now create furnitures by manipulating trees and tree branches to grow into an one-piece item that are not only strong, but also beautiful to gaze upon. Trees-that-Grow-into-Furniture-02 Not every part of this furniture is beneficial, growing and making this one-piece item takes a great deal of patience. It takes an average of four to eight years for Munro to train the trees to grow over plastic formers, and carefully interlacing their branches to form a solid single unit over time. Slowly but surely the tendril will grow into legs, stiles, rails, and stretchers that will form a fully finished piece of furniture. Of course, chairs aren’t the only furniture Munro grows, he also creates floor lamps along with kitchen tables. Although those would take a longer period time for mirror and glasses to merge with the tree itself, it is nevertheless a beautiful design to look at. Trees-that-Grow-into-Furniture-03 The best part about the large scale of growing time is that the tree furniture does not consume enormous amounts of energy as average tree farming does. It skips all the steps of finishing an ordinary wood piece, which saves a lot of energy. This concept might become the ideal way to craft all of our furniture in the future to come.

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