TrackR Bravo: Sleek Item-Tracking Device

From the California-based TrackR company comes the TrackR Bravo, newly redesigned to be the thinnest tracking device, and here to make locating lost, forgotten, and missing items less of a challenge.  Small and sleek, this device is effective for tracking anywhere from 5 to 10 items. trackr-bravo-10 It’s always easy to forget the small things, whether it’s leaving your car keys on the table or forgetting to take your purse when you leave a restaurant. The TrackR Bravo is designed to offer peace of mind in this respect, reminding users about the things they leave behind, and allowing users to quickly find the things that they may have lost or forgotten. trackr-bravo-08 Composed of aluminium casing and operating using a CR616 coin-cell battery, the TrackR Bravo has a life span of up to a year, allowing battery replacement with its suicide battery door. trackr-bravo-03 Measuring at 3.5mm x 31 mm diameter, the TrackR Bravo is designed to be thin and discreet enough that it can be attached on anything  – from laptops to car keys to pets. trackr-bravo-02 Despite its remarkable small size, the TrackR Bravo is loaded with helpful features to make locating a lost item easier. This includes: – the ability to search up to 100 ft. radius using Bluetooth connectivity; – a 2-way-separation alert system that notifies you when you are leaving an item behind; – an item ringer – a feature that allows TrackR to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent. trackr-bravo-05 Another helpful feature of the TrackR Bravo is its use of Crowd GPS, so other TrackR users can help locate a missing item simply by being within the vicinity of it. What’s more, a downloadable app allows you to keep track and customize specific ringtones for each item linked to the TrackR. trackr-bravo-07 With its sleek, simple, and versatile design, the TrackR Bravo is one of the easiest ways to keep tabs on all the little things that we easily forget in the hustle and bustle of day to day routines. With TrackR Bravo, you can now keep track of all the important things in your life. trackr-bravo-04  

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