Tout Terrain: Single Trailer For Families

The Tout Single Trailer is the ideal solution for families who are interested in biking, camping, and long hikes even on rough terrains. Tout-Terrain-Single-Trailer-For-Families 01 Designed for maximum safety and comfort, the trailer comes with a stable and crash-proof frame. The single trailer features a high quality CNC-produced joint with ball-bearings to connect the carrier to the bike. Tout-Terrain-Single-Trailer-For-Families-02 It can be used to transport children from 3 months (with baby carrier) to 5 years (max. 25 Kg) of age. It is extremely safe and is meant for smooth rides without any jerking as it evenly takes turns, bends, and corners. Tout-Terrain-Single-Trailer-For-Families-03 Your child will enjoy the ride while snuggled up in a gently cushioned seat stationed on a chassis made from extra-light but highly durable CrMo steel with a roll bar, so the ride can be completely hassle free. Tout-Terrain-Single-Trailer-For-Families-04 The high quality comfortable passenger seat is made with breathable material, sewn from robust 1000 Cordura with PU foam, filled to safeguard against any chilling or overheating. Tout-Terrain-Single-Trailer-For-Families-05 The five-point seat belt with padding ensures extra safety. The single trailer is just 45 cm wide and weighs only 9.5 kg. Tout-Terrain-Single-Trailer-For-Families-06 The trailer comes in two distinct colors, Gold and Kiwi. These bright shades come with reflective strips on all sides and are easily visible during the dusk or night travel. Tout-Terrain-Single-Trailer-For-Families-07 Video

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